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About Us
The founder of PANASIA Group is Mr. Umidjon Norov
who has accumulated an extensive portfolio of experience within the oil and gas sector.
Beginning his professional journey as a diligent student, he quickly transitioned into his specialty, climbing the ranks from a gas field operator to coveted high-ranking positions in prominent companies.
Mr. Norov's expertise and leadership have been instrumental in guiding PANASIA Group on its rapid growth path.

Our dedicated and professional team leverages extensive experience and innovative strategies to deliver efficient logistics and supply chain solutions. The team consists of dedicated professionals with a vast experience in the industry. We believe our employees are the biggest asset and ensure regular on the job training and professional development.
Vision & Mission
Build bridges and constant increase trade among countries that require aid.
Connect new continents and regions with the new energy balance of the world by bringing our international expertise to regions that are not yet present.
To be useful to society, to bring additional function of supply of goods in difficult regions where our team has many years of expertise. We bring energy to hard-to-reach places. We are open and transparent in our trade, focusing only on long-term cooperation.
Our Activities
We source commodities from reliable suppliers, ensure efficient transportation, manage storage professionally, and distribute widely across diverse markets in Europe and Central Asia.
We establish robust relationships with suppliers in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgustan, sourcing Petroleum products, Fertilizers, Coal, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas from reliable sources.
We utilize a combination of maritime and railway logistics, leveraging relationships with major vessel owners and railway service providers to ensure smooth, efficient transportation.
We have professional systems in place for stock monitoring and cargo flow management, including use of transshipment terminals and inland storage facilities.
We maintain long-term relationships with various types of end-user consumers, facilitating wide market access across Europe and Central Asia.
Our product range includes diverse Petroleum products such as Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Naphtha, and Base Oils, Fertilisers (Urea, Sulphur at al.), Coal, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas.
Petroleum Products
Natural Gas
Crude Oil
PANASIA Group values long-term partnerships, operational excellence, extensive market reach, and commitments to Europe's energy and food security through responsible sourcing and proactive measures. Credibility, goodwill and reputation earned through ethical practices, honesty, integrity and respect for people.
  • Supplier and Ship Owner Relationships:
    We place significant value on nurturing long-term and stable relationships with our suppliers in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, as well as the main vessel owners in the region. These partnerships form the backbone of our operation and enable us to secure and transport commodities efficiently and reliably.
  • Transshipment and Inland Storage:
    Our commitment to operational excellence is reflected in our effective use of transshipment terminals in the region and professional stock monitoring and cargo flow management. These measures ensure the safe and seamless movement of commodities from source to destination, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.
  • Inland Logistics and Market Access:
    We maintain long-term relationships with major railway service providers, allowing us to move our commodities with speed and precision across vast distances. Further, we value our enduring relationships with different types of final product consumers, granting us extensive and diverse market access.
  • Support of Security and Sustainability in Europe:
    We are steadfast in our commitment to contribute positively to Europe's Energy and Food Security. We conscientiously supply petroleum products from non-sanctioned countries to Europe, supporting the continent's energy stability. Simultaneously, we are actively sourcing fertilisers from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to combat the growing shortage of fertilisers in Europe, thus contributing to agricultural sustainability and food security.
Risk Management
The capacity to manage risk effectively is integral to the continued development and stability of Uncharted Gas Trading LLC. We recognize that financial, operational, and market risks are inherent elements of the commodity trading business. However, our goal is not merely to navigate these risks but to transform them into opportunities for growth and expansion. Our risk management framework is designed to minimize overall exposure at any given time. It is a multifaceted approach that employs a range of sophisticated tools and strategies to manage the various risks we encounter in our daily operations.
We believe that prevention is the first line of defense against risk. Therefore, we conduct rigorous due diligence to identify potential risks before they materialize. This involves comprehensive research and analysis of market conditions, economic indicators, and counterparties, ensuring that we make informed and prudent decisions.
We employ financial derivatives as a critical tool for managing market risk. These instruments, such as futures and options, provide us with the flexibility to hedge against potential adverse price movements in the commodities market, thus shielding us from significant financial losses.
To mitigate operational risks, we have robust insurance policies in place that cover various aspects of our operations, including transportation and storage of commodities. This not only protects us from unexpected events but also provides our clients and partners with the assurance of our financial stability.
Our organization is governed by a set of strict policies and procedures that ensure all our operations are carried out with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. These policies act as our internal compass, guiding our actions and decisions, and instilling a culture of risk awareness and compliance throughout the organization.
To manage the operational risks associated with logistics, we maintain a vigilant eye on our cargo throughout the entire logistical operations. Through modern tracking systems and efficient control mechanisms, we ensure that our commodities reach their intended destinations safely and promptly.
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